Retail lighting can play a crucial role in cultivating a unique customer experience to match your brand image in any concept store or large outlet. Sammode luminaires can complement more general store lighting, adding a designer touch and ensuring your outlet stands out. Our multi-purpose range of lights was designed in partnership with renowned designers (Normal Studio, Dominique Perrault x Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, Stefan Diez and Yann Kersalé).

Designer luminaires to highlight your brand image

Concept stores, outlets and showrooms truly reflect your brand image. The lighting inside your outlet is far from an insignificant detail, but a key factor that enhances the customer experience. Immerse your visitors in a very special universe with the help of Sammode. Our designer luminaires will fit seamlessly into with your architectural concept and can adapt to the different retail areas. The iconic tubular luminaire with its sleek industrial design can create just the right mood, and the From Future outlet in Paris is just one splendid example. The Mod & Airmod collections comprise a selection of smart spotlights with a contemporary design.

Opt for decorative wall lights or suspended light fittings to give that final touch to your interior design

Decorative lighting can complement functional lighting in an outlet or showroom. The aim is to boost your visual appeal, set off the architectural features of a space, or create a specific atmosphere in a given area. Mix and match wall lights or suspended light fittings for vertical or horizontal arrangements to create a special effect or to mark out an area. Luminaires are decorative items and part of your interior design. To give one example, opt for household-style luminaires in your outlet and create a cosy intimate atmosphere. Alternatively, you could emphasise the extra-high ceilings of a large store by opting for a large suspended light fitting.

A cosy lighting atmosphere, encouraging customers to linger

When illuminating your retail spaces, do not focus solely on product lights and instead consider the customer experience as a whole. Encourage visitors to linger and relax, to spend more time in your store. Create a cosy lighting atmosphere by incorporating comfortable lighting in lounge areas. Whether you offer a seating area or comfortable lounge, ensure your visitors can sit and unwind between stores, under soft, inviting lighting. Sammode can propose solutions for every kind of style: industrial finishes with the iconic tubular light, a contemporary look with the Mod collection by Stefan Diez, or a 50s feel with new releases of old models by Pierre Guariche and Michel Mortier.

Indoor lighting for outlets and shopping malls: when lighting meets signage

Lighting can attract the attention of passers-by at the store entrance. The primary role of internal lighting is to ensure customers feel welcome and eager to enter the store. Opt for a wall light such as Elgar or flatter your main entrance with a Mondrian on any external façade or in a shopping mall. Once customers have entered your store, the retail layout should immediately be clear. Lighting acts as signage, guiding customers to and through the different zones. Opt for a tubular light such as Mabuse or Morisot, and customise the inner film to indicate the location of fitting rooms, check-outs, the exit, the men’s department, etc.

Emergency lighting to match your outlet design

Outlets, concept stores and showrooms are all open to the public and must comply with regulations in terms of safety and emergency evacuation. When you opt for Sammode’s lighting solutions, you can rest assured that your retail outlet looks great from start to finish. Maintain the same industrial designer finish for all your lighting, from outdoor wall lights to functional tubular lights and emergency and evacuation (BAES and EVAC) lighting. What benefits can Sammode offer for retail lighting? Multi-purpose ranges. Not only do our lighting solutions look great, they are also effective and long-lasting. Try our robust luminaires (IK10) to light up all indoor areas effectively in a shopping mall or outlet.

Functional and designer luminaires for shopping malls and large stores

Shopping malls and large stores are busy places, and the lighting must be both effective and stylish. In addition to their industrial designer flair, our luminaires guarantee that your lighting meets and outperforms regulatory standards for sites open to the public, ensuring your visitors feel like they are outside in broad daylight.   Enjoy the benefits of smart lighting and offer your visitors a unique experience. Thanks to Tunable White technology, you can adapt the colour temperature from cold white (6500 K) to warm white (2700K). The DALI control system can dim the light or adapt the light colour for entertaining effects.   Put your trust in Sammode’s expertise – our teams can design quality retail lighting to meet your specific needs.

Switch to LED without replacing your old luminaires

Fluorescent lighting will be out in 2023 and BMS will be in by 2025, representing a decisive turning point for lighting in more responsible tertiary and public buildings. Sammode can support your transition from fluorescent to LED lighting with LED conversion kits to reduce your energy consumption and extend the service life of your luminaires. So you’ll be able to keep your old light fittings.

Sammode expertise


For more than 90 years, Sammode and Hoffmeister have set great store by design and innovation. The design of our luminaires gives them a unique status in the world of architecture. When you choose our luminaires, you opt for lighting with authentic and lasting design values.


Our high-quality components guarantee exceptional performance in terms of both lighting efficiency and service life. Our integrated optical systems ensure office spaces are always well lit, without glare. All this makes our luminaires some of the most efficient, comfortable and long-lasting on the market.


We can boast real industrial strengths, and manufacture all our luminaires in France and Germany, with excellence as our constant objective. Durability is our core value, which is why we design and manufacture reliable, repairable and upgradable solutions.


Dimensions, installation systems, colour options for finishes, optical accessories... there are so many customisation options open to you. As designers and manufacturers, based exclusively in France and Germany, we can adapt our luminaires to your projects and offer bespoke solutions just for you.

We can offer the ideal product for each type of environment and specific requirements

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