Research & Development


Our products are the fruit of our continuous effort to offer solutions to all the challenges faced by our customers.


Innovation, our priority


Sammode, through its dedicated teams and materials, is continuously engaged in researching and designing lighting solutions in general and light fixtures in particular. Our work is driven by technological progress and by confronting our customers’ very tangible issues. The choice of materials, improving designs, intelligently integrating new technologies such as LEDs… all our products benefit from these innovations, which at first glance are sometimes invisible but always a source of enhanced performance.


Luminaires increasingly adapted to to the most specific needs


We have succeeded in significantly expanding our range of light fixtures to meet the most specific and demanding needs of our customers, whilst remaining faithful to our basic principles of robustness, imperviousness, resistance and reliability. Thus, two light fixtures of similar appearance may in fact be very different products, with distinct features, intended for specific applications.


The quest for perfection


We design and manufacture our lighting solutions from end to end. Everything begins with our state-of-the-art testing laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technologies (imperviousness testing room, made-to-measure climate conditions, photogoniometer). In the next phase, the men and women of our team of engineers and technicians come into play, working on research, development, design, prototyping and industrialisation of solutions. Then the production phase follows, over which we have complete control of the production line and in which we continuously invest to guarantee quality, flexibility and productivity. We believe so firmly in the total integration of the production process that we even design our own machine tools.