Nilak, Qinu and Qanik are ideal for lighting up the areas around a museum, the central island of a kitchen, a seaside walkway, the entrance yard to a residential building, a restaurant patio, the wine cellar of a major vineyard, corridors in an office block, inside a luxury boutique, etc.  

Luminaires with frosted effect films ø70, 100 and 133

The Lö collection was born of the partnership between Sammode and Yann Kersalé, and all of the Lö models have been assigned Inuit names symbolising the different types of ice. Two different facets are created with the two translucent films, one with a prism effect and the other with a mirror effect. By night, these films send sparkles out into the dark, while by day, they reflect the surrounding environment. 

Lö: a luminaire collection with a glacial design 

The Lö collection has an icy feel to it, the design was inspired by the glacial landscapes of Greenland and Baffin island. This emblematic Sammode tube houses two superposed translucent films: one prismatic film combined with a mirror-effect film. These two facets transform the luminaire into a source of poetic beauty, travelling through space to the Arctic circle.  

Yann Kersalé: specialist in plastic arts in the field of light  

From Marseille to Doha, Yann Kersalé dreams up exceptional architectural lighting and set-ups worldwide. Building on his Beaux-Arts training in Quimper, this artificial lighting expert has worked in partnership with some renowned architects (Jean Nouvel, Norman Foster, Rudy Ricciotti, Helmut Jahn, etc.) for over 40 years. He uses light much like a brush, adding touches of art and transforming sites into visual poetry.  

Nilak: half wall light, half portable light  

The small Nilak wall light is designed as a portable off-road lamp. You can hang this model outside or inside, on its stainless steel wall fastenings, to meet your needs and depending on the season. Adjust the lighting levels using the dimmer switch for a subdued mellow environment or a diffused well-lit area. Whether on or off, this model fits in with the decor, just like any unique designer object.

Qinu: the suspended kaleidoscopic fitting 

The suspended Qinu LED fitting can light up a 360° zone. The large diameter of this model is compatible with use as a ceiling light, wall light or suspended fitting. The typical ice-effect design of the Lö collection would add a great touch to your interior design, by day or night. The translucent film sends out kaleidoscopic sparks when you turn the Qinu on. The colourless mirror-effect film reflects the surrounding environment when you turn the Qinu off.  

Qanik: a full-length wall light

The Qanik wall light is available in two lengths, giving an elongated finish. Install the light either horizontally or vertically to add some glacial reflections to any type of area, ranging from your bathroom to the garden. When turned on, the myriad of sparkling prisms creates visual poetry. When turned off, the coating reflects the decor, just like a mirror. An elegant multi-purpose indoor/outdoor luminaire.

Sammode expertise

Designed and manufactured in France

Designed and manufactured in France, keeping supply chains short and using durable components and materials, primarily sourced in Europe. Each luminaire is manufactured, assembled and inspected by our teams with full traceability.

5-year indoor-outdoor warranty

Architectural projects look to the long term, which is why Sammode commits to a 5-year warranty covering both indoor and outdoor use. Our pledge means a solid, durable and reliable product, regardless of location and climatic conditions.

Our products can be fully repaired or upgraded at your site

Unlike the disposable world we live in, Sammode lights are designed as modular systems. New technology can be integrated in existing fixtures: simply replace the outdated parts!


Wall light

Flux (lm)L (mm)DesignationCodeWatt Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
800 400 NILAK 100 400 800-827 BPI CL1 81015021 20 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all


Pendant light

Flux (lm)L (mm)DesignationCodeWatt Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
3200 1220 QINU 133 1200 3200-827 CL1 SUSP 81015022 71 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all


Wall light

Flux (lm)L (mm)DesignationCodeWatt Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
950 700 QANIK 70 700 950-827 CL1 81015020 23 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
1400 1000 QANIK 70 1000 1400-827 CL1 81015030 33 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

Fixing straps


Fixing straps -
Fixing straps with HSHC screw BCV
Fixing straps with tamper-resistant Torx screw BCVT

Nilak & Qinu

Fixing straps -
Fixing straps with HSHC screw BRV
Fixing straps with tamper-resistant Torx screw BRVT


Coextruded polycarbonate/PMMA housing for Indoor/Outdoor use (650°) -
Polycarbonate housing (960°C) PO
End caps & fixing straps 304L stainless steel -
End caps & fixing straps 316L stainless steel MR

Lighting management

Electronic gear unit for DALI dimming RD

Technical specifications

  • Yann Kersalé

Light source
  • High-efficiency removable LED module (CRI>80, 3 SDCM)
  • Color temperature 2700K
  • 50 000 h L80/B10 at 25°C
  • Photobiological hazard : None (RG0)
  • Use of an internal film for a homogeneous light distribution
Lighting comfort
  • Luminance control through diffusing optical systems
Control gear
  • Nilak : Constant Current Driver for push-button dimming
  • Qinu & Qanik : Constant Current Driver (non-dimmable)
Supply voltage
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz
Electrical class
  • Class I
Operating temperature
  • -20°C to +30°C

  • Nilak : Provided with 4 m 3G1,5 cable with tinned copper meshwork under transparent tubing
  • Qinu & Qanik : To a 3 x 2,5 mm² disconnectable terminal block
  • Qinu : With nickel-coated brass cable gland for cable Ø 5-14 mm
  • Qanik : With nickel-coated brass cable gland for cable Ø 5-12 mm
Opening and closing
  • Nilak : Opening by releasing the screw and extracting the diffuser
  • Qanik : by tightening the nut on the cable gland
  • 2 stainless steel fixing straps (with variable centre distance)
  • Qinu : Provided with 3 m suspension wires
LED engine maintenance
  • Qinu : Maintenance by releasing the 2 closing screws, removing the end cap and extracting the gear tray
  • Easily removable LED modules
  • Qanik : Gear tray fixed on the end cap supporting the cable entry

  • Co-extruded polycarbonate/PMMA for inside/outside use
End caps and fixing straps
  • 304L stainless steel

  • IP66, IP68, IP69K
Resistance to IK shocks
  • IK10
Fire resistance
  • 650°C


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