The luminaires installed must be solid enough to withstand the shaking and vibrations induced by this piston effect over the long-term. Thanks to its patented Screw system securing both sides of the gear tray and therefore significantly increasing its service life, Sammode can offer ultra-durable 100% modular luminaires to reduce maintenance needs.

Reliable and comfortable LED lighting ensuring trains can pass safely through the tunnels.

After July 2023, LED lighting will be mandatory. Sammode railway tunnel lighting solutions offer reliable and effective solutions to guarantee top-notch glare-free visibility in tunnels.  Our quality luminaires are designed to last and come with an 8-year warranty, applicable even in extreme conditions (when used 24/7). Sammode can also cover safety on pedestrian routes thanks to LED luminaires designed to mark out the path and guide the way for maintenance and inspection teams and to evacuate users in the event of an incident.

Lighting solutions designed to withstand the extreme conditions in railway tunnels (piston effect and vibrations)

With the piston effect, the air in a tunnel is displaced by force when a moving object passes through, subjecting the luminaires to some severe forces, particularly LED luminaires containing electronic components which are more sensitive to vibrations than older fluorescent models. Thanks to its patented Screw system, Sammode can provide ultra-hard-wearing luminaires able to withstand any conditions, including the specific requirements applicable to railway tunnels and passing trains. Not only do Sammode products come with a housing that is unique on the market, but they are also manufactured with sophisticated drivers and electronics for optimal reliability in any circumstances.

Fully sealed lighting able to keep out water, dust and flying gravel

The piston effect and vibrations are not the only hazards luminaires must handle in a railway tunnel. Tunnel lighting must also be able to keep out water, dust, splashes and flying gravel, not to mention the overall ambient humidity. To meet these requirements, Sammode can offer luminaires with tried and tested long-term sealing able to meet the most demanding standards in the sector: IK10 (gravel projection); IP66, IP68, IP69K (dust and water ingress, water splashes).

Solid and durable lighting

Considering the extreme conditions prevailing in railway tunnels, as well as the complexity of access to these tunnels, opting for ultra-solid and durable luminaires is critical. Luminaires must be able to outlast the tunnel itself, while offering a modular, upgradable and repairable design. Sammode has been designed lights to unrivalled standards in terms of sturdiness for almost a century now. From the design phase to every single part used, Sammode products are the most reliable options available on the market, and they come with an ultimate 8-year warranty covering the most extreme conditions, i.e. over at least 70,000 hours of use.  Sammode luminaires are also designed to resist overvoltage and voltage surges.

Less maintenance required thanks to LED luminaires and ultra-solid, well-sealed housings

Performing maintenance operations in a railway tunnel is a complex and expensive business and can require train traffic to be stopped. For all of these reasons, reliable and modular luminaires must be installed to guarantee that repairs can be performed quickly. This is particularly true with the switch to LED models, which will extend the service life of luminaires, providing that quality equipment is selected. Less frequent maintenance operations are required thanks to the performance and quality of Sammode luminaires. In addition, these maintenance operations are simpler and quicker thanks to 100% modularity, and specifically the plug & play configuration of Sammode products, which allows the luminaires to be rapidly installed and serviced. Sammode products are repairable and upgradable.

Guaranteeing safety in railway tunnels

Railway runnels are contained areas requiring emergency lighting to help users and personnel to evacuate in the event of an incident. Emergency lighting in railway tunnels can take the form of standalone emergency lighting units (BAES) or luminaires for central sources (LSC). Sammode products come with the same guaranteed quality and durability for emergency lighting, with housings able to withstand water, dust, vibrations and flying gravel over the long-term, whether you opt for BAES (Coulomb) or LSC (Maxwell).

Lighting in secondary areas

Railway tunnels are complex structures with maintenance tunnels, ventilation shafts and fire evacuation routes, plus staircases, in addition to the main tunnel, all used to facilitate tunnel maintenance, but also to evacuate people in the event of an incident. While the conditions in these secondary areas are less demanding than the main tunnel, quality, reliable and durable lighting is still necessary to ensure the safety of people using these areas. Sammode luminaires can guarantee a durable, quality lighting solution for maintenance tunnels and shafts.

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