Lighting in the outdoor areas around buildings provides an opportunity to add a final flourish to the architecture while ensuring pedestrian safety and comfort. Our lighting solutions create a quality luminous environment in these transition areas between private property and the urban sprawl. With our extensive range (various tubular luminaires and floodlights), we can offer solutions at all locations and for all projects. Our light fittings can be mounted on various structures (walls, façades, posts or masts) or as standard, using complementary accessories.

Architectural illumination to add the final flourish to monuments and walkways

Lighting in the outdoor areas around public and tertiary buildings not only helps improve safety, it also enhances the building operator’s image. Forecourts, walkways and entrance areas are all semi-public locations that can serve as a showcase and contribute to the night-time atmosphere of any city. Sammode can offer reliable, sturdy and durable luminaires to ensure harmonious continuity from inside the building to the public area. Our highly technical designer tubular luminaires are fully sealed to protect against water splashes (IP 66, 68, 69K) and to withstand bad weather, and can also be used to light up bridges, docks, platforms, areas around inland waterways, and so on.

Lighting up outdoor areas around buildings: creating a lit pathway

Creating a well-designed lighting sequence at the building entrance contributes to a positive visitor experience. Visitors must feel safe and find the site entrance easily. Lights provide guidance and show people where to go. Mark out the route using tubular luminaires mounted on posts or masts; install vertical or horizontal wall lights at regular intervals along the façade; highlight the volumes of canopies and awnings with ceiling lights. The distinctive industrial design of our tubular luminaires rounds off the overall architectural design, by day or night. Conversely, our sober-looking floodlights blend in inconspicuously so as not to detract from the architecture.

Patio and balcony lighting: architectural luminaires for private outdoor areas

Although patios and balconies are for private use, they are still an integral part of the façade design. Ideally, all luminaires in the various outdoor areas should be harmonised. Sammode can provide a multipurpose range to cover all outdoor areas ranging from the immediate surroundings of the building to the entrance hall, and including the garden. Opt for a coherent architectural finish right from the high-performance ceiling-mounted tubular luminaire in a hall to the designer wall lights on a private patio. We offer a wide variety of luminaire types, available in small and large sizes, as wall-mounted or free-standing models, to match the dimensions of your site and provide suitable lighting in each specific area.

Fully sealed, robust lighting solutions for outdoor areas

Outdoor lighting must be compatible with tough weather conditions, including storms, cold, humidity and UV radiation. With their co-extruded polycarbonate/PMMA housing, our luminaires are sturdy and will remain transparent over time (the body will not yellow). Thanks to optimal sealing effectiveness (IP 66, 68, 69K), Sammode luminaires are reliable outdoor products and a pertinent choice for lighting in areas around buildings. The IK10 rating of our tubular luminaires guarantees safety in these very busy areas. The fixing straps are secured with Torx Tamper screws to protect equipment from vandalism. Long-lasting luminous solutions and solid luminaire drivers (LED + driver unit) designed to outlast the building.

Comfort, safety and finish: luminaires able to meet the requirements of outdoor urban environments

Homogeneous and uniform lighting helps make outdoor areas safer at night. In this respect, night lighting must limit contrast to avoid glare and visual discomfort. Well-lit pathways, staircases and forecourts can be become pleasant spots and part of the building’s overall attractiveness. Sammode tubular luminaires can be mounted on façades or standalone mast-type structures to illuminate even extremely large outdoor areas. The Sill floodlight range can also be used to light up the largest outdoor areas with just a few light points based on asymmetric photometry. All of our products, from the wall lights and suspended light fittings to floodlights, blend perfectly into any architectural project thanks to their great design and technical performance.

High-performance environmentally friendly lighting

Night lighting must comply with two French ministerial orders dated 27 December 2018 aiming to protect the night sky and biodiversity. To prevent light pollution, these standards mainly recommend that light directed upwards should be limited (and never exceed 180°) and flux should primarily be directed downwards to boost efficiency. With our LED solutions, the source of the beam can be adjusted and directed with reflectors and louvres. By reducing glare for passers-by, we ensure visual comfort while complying with environmental standards. Our Brueghel, Scorel and Benson luminaires and our Sill 48 and 153 floodlights boast ULR =0% and FC3> 95%, and are specifically designed for night lighting.

Setting the scene in parks and gardens: custom landscape lighting

The park and garden areas around a building can also be the setting for some eye-catching lighting displays. Using custom landscape lighting, plants are flattered by light, creating an inviting scene in the whole garden. To continue with this idea of creating original ambient lighting, Sammode invited Yann Kersalé to design the Lö collection. This conceptual artist transforms emblematic tubular luminaires by adding two translucent films. First, a prismatic film sparkles at night, while a second film mirrors the surrounding environment during the day. Whether on or off, his luminaires are genuine designer articles. When light meets architecture, the outdoor lighting around buildings becomes a breeding ground for innovation.

Sammode expertise


For more than 90 years, Sammode and Hoffmeister have set great store by design and innovation. The design of our luminaires gives them a unique status in the world of architecture. When you choose our luminaires, you opt for lighting with authentic and lasting design values.


Our high-quality components guarantee exceptional performance in terms of both lighting efficiency and service life. Our integrated optical systems ensure office spaces are always well lit, without glare. All this makes our luminaires some of the most efficient, comfortable and long-lasting on the market.


We can boast real industrial strengths, and manufacture all our luminaires in France and Germany, with excellence as our constant objective. Durability is our core value, which is why we design and manufacture reliable, repairable and upgradable solutions.


Dimensions, installation systems, colour options for finishes, optical accessories... there are so many customisation options open to you. As designers and manufacturers, based exclusively in France and Germany, we can adapt our luminaires to your projects and offer bespoke solutions just for you.

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