Hospitality. The pride of the hotel and catering industry. All sites open to the public must feel welcoming: entrance halls, reception areas, hotel rooms, and the rest. Harmonise your lighting thanks to multipurpose LED luminaires with a sophisticated design. Admire the architectural lighting and save energy.

Hotel halls, relaxation spaces, lounges:

welcome your customers in a cosy lighting environment

First impressions set the stage... which is particularly true in the hotel industry. Customers must feel at home the second they enter a hotel. By both day and night, the luminous setting in reception spaces (reception halls, lobbies, lounges, relaxation spaces) must feel welcoming and inspire trust. Our range of designer luminaires can be adapted to various styles to match the interior design of the hotel. A classy and modern version with industrial tubular luminaires like Vendôme & Monceau; a contemporary feel with suspended AIRMOD light fittings designed by Stefan Diez; a vintage heritage design with authentic Pierre Guariche reissues.

Illuminations in bars and restaurants:

adapting lighting to any occasion

Luminaires for restaurants and bars must combine decorative and functional features with panache: provide enough light, while creating a cosy atmosphere. Sammode solutions offer various suspended light models or designer wall-mounted luminaires for a line of fittings or single sources. Add a special touch to a space with a suspended tubular light fitting hanging over the bar, or create a dynamic atmosphere with a series of suspended AIRMOD fittings. Architectural lighting can enhance a venue creating a diffuse and pleasant luminous atmosphere. Casambi or Dali smart control systems can be used to automatically manage lighting, e.g. by dimming the light as the evening goes on.

Hotel rooms:

lighting solutions synonymous with relaxation

Rooms and suites are the heart of a hotel. The aim is to provide hotel guests with pleasant lighting throughout their stay. Bedside lights are both decorative and functional items and play an essential role in hotel room lighting. Bendz and Vendôme Nano are small wall-mounted luminaires and can combine interior design with convenience as part of a headboard. The industrial style and satin-finish body of the Bendz luminaire offer a mellow light source. Opt for a more sophisticated style with the brass-finish louvre of the Vendôme Nano. Both of these luminaires can be installed outdoors to extend the luminous atmosphere from the room to the balcony.

Hotel bathroom lighting:

offer comfort and safety with no compromise on elegance

Bathrooms are also a key factor for hotel rooms. To ensure that customers benefit from a great experience, bathroom lighting must be powerful enough to put make-up on or adjust your hairdo, without being blinding. In addition, bathroom lighting must comply with safety standards to avoid any electrical risks (class II or very low voltage, class III). Our multipurpose models can withstand damp rooms and potential water splashes (IP66, IP68 and IP69K) on either the walls or ceilings. Elgar, Mondrian and Purcell luminaires are ideal for bathrooms. These models are available with a class II rating (double electrical insulation) or as an extra-low voltage version with a class III rating for the areas most exposed to electrocution risks such as showers.


installing harmonious lighting along the full length of the corridor

Guests are constantly coming and going, which means that hotel lights must frequently be lit at all times. 24/7 lighting is a prerequisite for guest comfort and safety in these thoroughfares. Luminaires can help guests to pass rapidly through, find the entrance to the building, find the route to the staircases, and so on, essentially serving as sign posts. Make no compromise when it comes to design, opt for Sammode. Whether inside or outside, in the corridor heading to the WCs or installing standalone emergency lighting: benefit from professional designer lighting in all areas of your hotel.

Professional kitchens:

lighting combining technical performance with a great look

Less visible areas of the restaurant, such as the kitchen, are often ignored, but it is also worth investing in effective and stylish lighting for these zones. On the one hand, you could improve the working conditions and well-being of your kitchen staff, and on the other hand, you could maintain architectural consistency. This is particularly true for open kitchens or kitchens which are visible from the restaurant. Sammode tubular luminaires are used in industry and can withstand the most extreme conditions. Opt for designer luminaires throughout your restaurant kitchen: from the cold storage room at -60°C to the oven extractor hood at +100°C.

Illuminating the façades and adjacent external areas:

add a designer luminous signature to your hotel equipment

Your façade leaves a lasting impression reflecting your hotel. Opt for lighting in nearby external areas to reinforce your hotel’s role in the urban community and guide visitors towards the entrance. Customers arriving in either the car park or the landscape garden must pass through safe and pleasant surroundings to reach the hotel. Our lighting solutions for hotels and restaurants are robust (IK10 rating), sealed and durable, leaving you free to harmonise your entrance route lighting. A directional wall-mounted luminaire such as the Elgar can be installed at regular intervals along a wall to create a dynamic luminous pathway or add the final touch to an architectural finish.

Sammode expertise


For more than 90 years, Sammode and Hoffmeister have set great store by design and innovation. The design of our luminaires gives them a unique status in the world of architecture. When you choose our luminaires, you opt for lighting with authentic and lasting design values.


Our high-quality components guarantee exceptional performance in terms of both lighting efficiency and service life. Our integrated optical systems ensure office spaces are always well lit, without glare. All this makes our luminaires some of the most efficient, comfortable and long-lasting on the market.


We can boast real industrial strengths, and manufacture all our luminaires in France and Germany, with excellence as our constant objective. Durability is our core value, which is why we design and manufacture reliable, repairable and upgradable solutions.


Dimensions, installation systems, colour options for finishes, optical accessories... there are so many customisation options open to you. As designers and manufacturers, based exclusively in France and Germany, we can adapt our luminaires to your projects and offer bespoke solutions just for you.

We can offer the ideal product for each type of environment and specific requirements

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