Sammode LED tubular lighting solutions are convenient and solid and make a real contribution to the architectural feel of the place. At night, these designer light points flatter spectacular architectural components and bring soul to any building.

Areas around blocks of flats:

mark out a pleasant route bathed in light

The areas around blocks of flats must be lit up to ensure the safety of occupants without detracting from the architectural finish. Sammode luminaires can be used both outdoors and indoors to create a harmonious entrance route. The illuminated pathway is continuous and offers an easy directional cue when passing through.   Solid wall-mounted directional luminaires can withstand bad weather (IP68, IP69K sealing), are protected from vandalism (IK10 rating) and offer peace of mind for those passing through. Luminous flux are directed to ensure compliance with legislation and limit light pollution, while providing minimum lighting levels for the movements of people with reduced mobility. Luminaires are both functional and cosy, while making no compromises on design.

Entrance hall:

a designer light signature to welcome people as they arrive

The building threshold is the culmination of the entrance route, a key contributor to establishing the site’s lighting ambience. The entrance hall acts as a transition between the outdoor environment and the private dwelling. Our priority is to bring enough light into these large open areas while maintaining the cosy and welcoming feel of residential architecture. To give just one example, the Belleville luminaire can meet these expectations by combining functional lighting with a great finish. This designer industrial signature shows high ceilings in their best light with a 360° luminous flux. This model is available in several lengths and can be fitted both vertically and horizontally, creating a set of custom suspended light fittings to match the size of the space.

Communal areas and car parks:

protecting occupant safety and ensuring visual comfort

Lighting in corridors and communal areas in residential buildings must meet three criteria: safety, efficiency and durability. Car parks, bin rooms, stair cases, bike rooms and other utility rooms must leave occupants feeling safe, without forgetting visual comfort. Sammode decided to propose luminaires with the same level of visual comfort (UGR<25) throughout the building. The Purcell and Turner luminaires are sleek and discreet, offering a pleasant diffused beam which is ideal for this type of space. The industrial designer style is incorporated right up to the emergency lighting to harmonise every little detail of the luminous environment.

Technological details:

presence detectors

The presence detectors is essential to optimise lighting use in blocks of flats. The Vouet detector provides sealing, sturdiness and protection, while benefiting from a more eye-catching designer finish than a traditional bulkhead light. This luminaire model has an extended service life thanks to the built-in presence detectors. Not only will this model save cash on your energy bills, it will also bring down your maintenance expenses, considerably lightening your operating budget. The permanent stand-by option maintains a minimum flux of 10% to guarantee safety at all times, for example in a car park. The switch-off warning function can reduce the intensity of lighting for 30 minutes. If no presence is detected during this period, the luminaire will automatically switch off.

Courtyards, patios and roof tops:

adding a designer touch and durability to relaxation areas

Lighting in outdoor communal areas (patios, roof tops and shared courtyards) provides an opportunity to play with a more subdued lighting atmosphere. Residents use these areas to chat and meet up, so the lighting needs to be cosy and intimate. Sammode Studio ranges come in wall-mounted, suspended and ceiling-mounted versions and adapt traditional industrial models into solid designer luminaires. These models are meant to last thanks to a two-layer technique combining an impact-resistant polycarbonate body with a UV-proof PMMA housing.

Balconies and private patios:

independent thinking as part of an overall look

Selecting lighting for balconies and patios is always a delicate decision as while these areas are designed for private use, they play a role in the overall look of the façade. Sammode has found the solution for a harmonious general finish with homogeneous lighting with no maintenance concerns: small industrial wall-mounted luminaires. To give just one example, the Bendz model requires a traditional E27 bulb, making it convenient and easy to use. With this type of compact luminaire, residents can manage their lighting independently and replace the light source themselves, while the façade illumination remains part of the bigger picture.

Sammode expertise


For more than 90 years, Sammode and Hoffmeister have set great store by design and innovation. The design of our luminaires gives them a unique status in the world of architecture. When you choose our luminaires, you opt for lighting with authentic and lasting design values.


Our high-quality components guarantee exceptional performance in terms of both lighting efficiency and service life. Our integrated optical systems ensure office spaces are always well lit, without glare. All this makes our luminaires some of the most efficient, comfortable and long-lasting on the market.


We can boast real industrial strengths, and manufacture all our luminaires in France and Germany, with excellence as our constant objective. Durability is our core value, which is why we design and manufacture reliable, repairable and upgradable solutions.


Dimensions, installation systems, colour options for finishes, optical accessories... there are so many customisation options open to you. As designers and manufacturers, based exclusively in France and Germany, we can adapt our luminaires to your projects and offer bespoke solutions just for you.

We can offer the ideal product for each type of environment and specific requirements

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