Belleville, Monceau and Vendôme Nano wall lights are both compact and elegant and can illuminate passenger lounges in airports, shops, hotel headboards, corridors in a company building, café tables or a coworking space…

Compact LED wall light, ø70

The Paname Nano collection comprises eye-catching compact wall lights housed in metal lace work. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, these luminaires combine a designer look with the performance of a Sammode tubular model. Opt for Belleville and its stainless steel louvre for a resolutely industrial decor; Opt for Monceau and its coal black chevron pattern; Opt for Vendôme and its brass finish housing.

Paname Nano : compact wall lights with a contemporary design

The Paname collection with its decorative louvres housing the glass tubes was inspired by the mythical districts of Paris, historically reputed as the town of light. Whether you opt for a stainless steel, coal black or brass finish, the metal lace work housing brings a special touch to your luminous environment. The Nano model is the most compact product in the range and fits in neatly with both indoor and outdoor areas.

Normal Studio : trying out new materials with tubular luminaires

For more than 10 years, the two founders of Normal Studio, Jean-François Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï, have tried out options at every scale: from furniture design to architecture and staging. This pair of Parisian designers has been responsible for managing the artistic side of Sammode luminaires since 2014. Their remit: stick to the DNA of industrial tubes, but combine it with an architectural finish.

Vendôme : a metal housing that looks like jewellery

Vendôme luminaires pay homage to the finest jewellery around and add a classy touch to sites with their subtle golden reflections. Place Vendôme in Paris is an icon site for luxury jewellery, and this louvre with its interlocking patterns reflects the reputed square, creating a mellow and cosy environment. Whether on or off, the Vendôme luminaire is decorative.

Monceau : the chevron pattern is inspired by old-style parquet wood floors

The Haussmann flats in the chic districts of Paris typically opt for a traditional herringbone pattern for parquet wood floors. Normal Studio has adopted this theme with an olde worlde charm for the Monceau and its coal black metal louvre. The Coal finish houses the trendy modern post-industrial style tube.

Belleville : a perforated stainless steel louvre with an industrial style

Today’s Belleville is home to the workshops and galleries of artists, but the district can also boast an industrial blue-collar past. The metal pattern of the luminaire reflects this history, where industry meets art. The stainless steel Belleville louvre, with its simple straight lines, adds a hard industrial touch to create a resolutely contemporary decor.

Sammode expertise

Designed and manufactured in France

Designed and manufactured in France, keeping supply chains short and using durable components and materials, primarily sourced in Europe. Each luminaire is manufactured, assembled and inspected by our teams with full traceability.

5-year indoor-outdoor warranty

Architectural projects look to the long term, which is why Sammode commits to a 5-year warranty covering both indoor and outdoor use. Our pledge means a solid, durable and reliable product, regardless of location and climatic conditions.

Our products can be fully repaired or upgraded at your site

Unlike the disposable world we live in, Sammode lights are designed as modular systems. New technology can be integrated in existing fixtures: simply replace the outdated parts!

Belleville Nano

ReflectorFinishingDesignationCode Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Silver Silver BELLEVILLE 70 360° S 300 CL1 PY 80230026 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Coal Silver BELLEVILLE 70 360° COAL 300 CL1 PY 80230027 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Coal Coal BELLEVILLE 70 360° COAL COAL 300 CL1 PY MR 80230025 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

Monceau Nano

ReflectorFinishingDesignationCode Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Coal Coal MONCEAU 70 360° COAL COAL 300 CL1 PY MR 80230030 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Coal Silver MONCEAU 70 360° COAL 300 CL1 PY 80230031 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Silver Silver MONCEAU 70 360° S 300 CL1 PY 80230032 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

Vendôme Nano

ReflectorFinishingDesignationCode Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Brass Brass VENDOME 70 360° BRASS B 300 CL1 PY MR 80230018 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Brass Silver VENDOME 70 360° B 300 CL1 PY 80230028 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Brass Coal VENDOME 70 360° COAL B 300 CL1 PY MR 80230029 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

End caps & fixing straps finish

End caps & straps painted Coal RAL7021 COAL
End caps & straps painted BRASS BRASS

Fixing straps

Reinforced fixing straps -
Reinforced fixing straps with HSHC screw BCV
Fixing straps with tamper-resistant Torx screw BCVT


Coextruded polycarbonate/PMMA housing for Indoor/Outdoor use (650°) -
Polycarbonate housing (960°C) PO
Borosilicate glass housing (non-flammable) PY
End caps & fixing straps 304L stainless steel -
End caps & fixing straps 316L stainless steel MR

Lighting management

Casambi Bluetooth control RB
Stainless steel cable plate kit (IP40) 17500020
Pre-cabling 1,5m 3G1.5 (3 wires) Braided tinned copper cable CAB0007
E14 LED filament lamp 4W 2700K clear 17500002

Technical specifications

  • Normal Studio

Light source
  • E14 lamp, 9W max, not included
Supply voltage
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz
Electrical class
  • Class I
Operating temperature
  • -20°C to +30°C

  • With nickel-coated brass cable gland for cable Ø 5-12 mm
  • To 3x2.5mm² automatic terminal block
  • Installation in vertical position: cable gland positioned downwards
Opening and closing
  • Attachement with 2 bolt-fitted stainless steel straps with variable center distance and 360° orientation
  • By removal of the end cap with lampholder

Internal grid
  • Belleville : stainless steel grid
  • Monceau & Vendôme : Aluminium louvre
  • Borosilicate-glass
End caps and fixing straps
  • 304L stainless steel

  • IP66, IP68, IP69K
Fire resistance
  • Non-flammable
Resistance to IK shocks
  • IK07

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