Effective and dependable lighting to ensure car park users enjoy a positive experience. Both underground and outdoor parking areas must feel safe and comfortable. From designer lighting to general/functional lighting, Sammode luminaires can ensure your car park lighting is in keeping with the building’s interior design. While guaranteeing robust, efficient and scalable products.

Underground car park lighting:

robust and reliable luminaires

Effective lighting solutions are essential in underground car parks to ensure user safety and comfort whether they are on foot or in their vehicles. Homogeneous lighting is required in this type of area, with a diffuse and wide halo to limit the risk of accidents. Luminaires must be able to withstand dust and exhaust gases to guarantee their durability in a contaminated environment. Multipurpose ceiling lights such as the Turner models provide the perfect response to this dual requirement. The Turner tubular luminaire is narrow (diameter: 70 mm) and available in a range of lengths (60 cm-1.8 m), so it easily adapts to tight spaces or low ceilings. In addition, this model is available with through-wiring for easy installation.

Outdoor parking areas:

hard-wearing lighting solutions for undercover or open-air car parks.

The lighting installed in undercover outdoor car parks must be able to withstand all types of external aggressions. Sammode tubular luminaires can withstand impacts (IK10), vandalism (Torx Tamper screw), humidity (IP 66, 68, 69K) and UV radiation thanks to a co-extruded body which will retain its original colour. Outdoor car parks are generally large and spread-out. With our range of Sill floodlights fitted on masts or on a façade, you can cover the entire area with homogeneous lighting to make sure that every little corner of the car park feels safe, with no shadowy areas. All of our solutions satisfy light pollution standards (ULR = 0% and FC3 > 95%).


a designer luminous signature to accompany and guide pedestrians as they make their way through the car park

Lighting is key to ensuring that users enjoy a positive experience in the car park, whether on foot or in their vehicle. Lighting must facilitate their walk from their parked car to the exit. Many users feel uneasy in underground areas. With our comfortable luminaires (UGR >25), your users will forget they are even in a car park. What’s more, when you adopt a harmonious lighting signature right from the car park, your site, brand and building will become easily identifiable and memorable for visitors.

Car drivers:

ease vehicle flows with the right lighting solutions

Indoor car park lighting must vary in intensity depending on the specific location. Cars and pedestrians may cross paths at entrances and on ramps, so extra strong lighting is required in these areas. 300 lux is ideal, versus 150 lux for parking slots and 75 lux in corridors and lanes). Our tubular luminaires come in a range of diameters (40-133 mm) to provide efficient lighting for car ramps and meet all of these requirements, including in tight spaces. Our luminaires are easy to install either on the ceiling or on a wall, leaving you free to choose your preferred layout.

When your lighting becomes a recognisable feature of your signage

Car parks can be complex areas to navigate. Assist car drivers and pedestrians with directional lighting. Wall lights such as the Mabuse or the Morisot can be covered with a custom film to provide the required directional information (text, colour, logo, etc.). Sammode luminous solutions come with some great benefits: a homogeneous design with unchanged robustness (IK10). This means that the industrial design is maintained right through to the emergency lighting units: evacuation lighting (BAES/EVAC) and anti-panic lighting.

Extra lighting is added in service areas and disabled parking slots.

As is the case in all buildings open to the public (ERP), car parks must meet access standards for persons with reduced mobility. On this basis, 20 lux lighting is required for disabled parking slots in an outdoor car park. Reinforced lighting must be installed in service areas (offices, charging stations, payment terminals, etc.) to guarantee the visual comfort of employees and users. Ceiling lights such as the Géricault or the Benson are great options for pleasant diffused lighting in these areas.

Reduce the maintenance costs incurred in your car parks thanks to effective lighting management

Underground car park lights are generally lit 24/7 for safety reasons. Save cash and reduce your electricity bill by only turning the lights on when useful and necessary. Using a smart management system, luminaires can provide a minimal 10% lighting level at all times to ensure no-one find themselves completely in the dark. This helps visitors feel safe when initially entering the zone. If any one luminaire detects a presence, a master-slave system ensures that all of the lighting fixtures come on. For outdoor car parks benefiting from natural light, lighting management can vary depending on the level of external light or via the DALI control system.

Sammode expertise

Diagnosis and recommendations

We start by analysing your operating conditions, installation requirements and other specific needs, and then recommend the most suitable solutions.

Lighting studies

Our lighting studies are designed to identify the precise quantity of luminaires and quality of the lighting solution required, while minimsing the number of light sources and energy use.

Control systems

To reduce your energy bill and improve your lighting control, our experts will suggest the management solutions best suited to your situation.

Developing special products

As both designer and manufacturer, we systematically study the best technical solutions and are able to adapt them to meet your needs.

On-site testing and support

We can manage your project from start to finish, from studies to installation, including any tests required in actual operating conditions.

Ultimate 8-year warranty

We offer an ultimate 8-year warranty for most of our products, the only such offer available on the lighting market under intensive 24/7 operating conditions.

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