Collection Quadratube by Wilmotte

Sammode releases a whole new revolution: the iconic round tube is going square, or nearly... Architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte has redesigned Sammode's famous tubular lamp: let us introduce this new luminaire. Presenting the Quadratube. The Quadratube still has all the smart features of Jean-Michel Wilmotte's original design, but now it also boasts modern technology and outstanding manufacturing. The aim is to provide top quality visual comfort and lighting.

Build less, transform more

The current challenges in the construction industry require a rethink in the planning and execution of construction projects. The focus is on sustainability and climate protection. The UN Environment Programme (Unep), for example, has drawn up a calculation that illustrates the problem: rapid global urbanisation means that buildings the size of the city of Paris […]

Review of the Alki x Sammode exhibition

Let’s relive the highlights of our recent collaboration with Alki at this exclusive exhibition held from 16 to 22 January 2024 in the brand’s showroom in the heart of the Marais district. The combination of these two iconic brands has created a unique experience where tradition and innovation have come together in harmony. We would […]

Design Post Köln x imm cologne:
Pierre Guariche conference with Lionel Blaisse

Pierre Guariche conference with Lionel Blaisse Pierre Guariche (1926-1995), an enlightener of modernity Pierre Guariche, designer and interior architect, was one of the most important players in the “Trente Glorieuses” in France. He was very much in favour of redefining the furnishings of the flats that were built after the reconstruction and at the same […]

The right lighting in the workplace:
Light changes spaces, space changes work

New Work, New Office, New Light Light plays a decisive, albeit often inconspicuous, role in the lighting of office workplaces and in influencing human well-being. When lighting is inadequate, we often suffer from headaches, lack of concentration and reduced work performance. This is why a successful lighting solution for workplaces, work cafés or relaxation rooms […]