Beyond its purely functional role, e.g. guiding people around inside a building, light is also a key factor in creating a suitable atmosphere for concentration and teamwork. Last but not least, lighting highlights the architecture of the building and helps to strengthen the corporate image.

Low-luminance lighting in offices & coworking spaces:

where design meets technology

Whether in an individual office or in an open space, lighting has an essential influence on work performance and user comfort. It must therefore comply with specific standards (level of lighting, UGR, etc.) to allow for work without eye fatigue. Two bespoke solutions are available to meet these requirements: the Brueghel tubular luminaire, with its specific technical louvre, and the invisible recessed compl.x by Hoffmeister. Glare is eliminated thanks to the optical design and luminance control, while maintaining exceptional lighting performance. In this way, the luminaires are key in creating a pleasant environment, for long-term comfort, conducive to work and fruitful exchanges.

Focal point: Tunable White lighting technology

promoting well-being in the workplace

Well-being in the workplace is one of our prime concerns. Taking our inspiration from natural light, which is perfectly in tune with our biological cycle, lighting can improve user comfort. Tuneable White technology makes exactly that promise, smoothly transitioning from cold, energising light to warmer lighting, thus changing our perception of the space. Architects frequently use windows to optimise natural light input, providing another good reason to harmonise internal and external lighting, in order to create a coherent whole. Tunable White technology, available with our most efficient models, now offers the perfect solution to this equation.

Conference & meeting room lighting:

smart and upgradeable solutions

Meeting rooms are a key component of a company’s operations. They can be used for many things: presenting results, receiving customers, or training teams. The lighting must be able to complement these different situations, by creating appropriate atmospheres. Smart lighting solutions allow you to adjust the light intensity, the direct/indirect light distribution or even the colour temperature of the light, as needs dictate. Luminaires are therefore modular and upgradeable, serving the space they illuminate and the people using the space.

Focal point: Brueghel Direct/Indirect:

flexible lighting for meeting rooms

The Brueghel Direct/Indirect luminaire can illuminate both an important discussion and an on-screen presentation, providing the ideal lighting solution for meeting rooms. It offers a double dimming function: thanks to its two drivers, which control the direct and indirect flux independently, you can manage the luminous flux with pinpoint precision. In this way, the lighting is adapted to the activity and the time of day.

Lighting in corridors, busy spaces and company relaxation areas:

brand image and conviviality

Reception halls, waiting rooms, canteens, leisure areas: these are all spaces people regularly pass through, areas to chat, or a contact point with the outside world. They give the first impression of the company and are frequently used by employees. This makes them key vectors of the company’s image and atmosphere. Lighting and luminaires are selected to mark out these spaces and make a decisive contribution to the mood, whether the focus is on design, discreet cosiness or a spectacular effect. Sammode offers a wide variety of objects, colours and finishes with its Sammode Studio design ranges, playing with light and creating custom atmospheres.

Lighting in corridors and other traffic areas

directional information and illumination

Corridors are hectic environments where people must be able to transit smoothly, and they therefore require good lighting levels. The light should help you find your way and move around easily and safely. Since corridor use varies over the course of a day, an automated lighting system could be chosen with, for example, presence detectors for adapting power consumption to actual needs.

Technology focus – luminaires with presence detectors:

comfort, convenience and energy savings

Lighting management is the solution when you want to control your consumption and optimise your energy performance. The use of presence detectors makes sure that lights are only switched on when needed, and prevents them staying lit unnecessarily. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor sensors, working independently or as part of a network, we can advise you on the best solution for your project.

Sammode expertise


For more than 90 years, Sammode and Hoffmeister have set great store by design and innovation. The design of our luminaires gives them a unique status in the world of architecture. When you choose our luminaires, you opt for lighting with authentic and lasting design values.


Our high-quality components guarantee exceptional performance in terms of both lighting efficiency and service life. Our integrated optical systems ensure office spaces are always well lit, without glare. All this makes our luminaires some of the most efficient, comfortable and long-lasting on the market.


We can boast real industrial strengths, and manufacture all our luminaires in France and Germany, with excellence as our constant objective. Durability is our core value, which is why we design and manufacture reliable, repairable and upgradable solutions.


Dimensions, installation systems, colour options for finishes, optical accessories... there are so many customisation options open to you. As designers and manufacturers, based exclusively in France and Germany, we can adapt our luminaires to your projects and offer bespoke solutions just for you.

Switch to LED luminaires and beat the legal deadline

Fluorescent lighting will be phased out in 2023 and building automation (BMS) obligatory by 2025, marking a decisive turning point for more responsible lighting in tertiary and public buildings. Sammode can support your transition from fluorescent to LED lighting with LED conversion kits to reduce your energy consumption and extend the service life of your luminaires. Why change everything when you can simply upgrade?

We can offer the ideal product for each type of environment and specific requirements

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