The Mondrian luminaire could light up a bathroom mirror, a youth hostel corridor, the lift landing area in an office block, school toilets or a hotel spa.

Wall light model for ø40 diffused lighting 

The sleek graphic style lines of the Mondrian luminaire offer great long-term lighting for both indoor and outdoor areas. The multi-purpose design and unrivalled visual comfort are ideal for corridor lighting or in entrance halls. This compact model fits in nicely either mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall, on the ceiling or suspended thanks to the reinforced flux version. The Mondrian model both looks great and is convenient for adding a touch of light with a futuristic feel.

Try an ideal flux for any application. 

The Mondrian luminaire can adapt to its environment, guaranteeing optimal glare-free visual comfort. Two versions are available, leaving you free to pick the ideal model for your architectural project: a comfortable flux (< 1500 lm) for wall lights and a reinforced flux (< 2000 lm) for ceiling lights. The “Home” version could provide mellow ambient lighting to create a cosy indoor feel.

Smart light management

Opt for easy total lighting management with remote control settings. The Mondrian luminaire comes with the hard-wired control unit operating under the DALI protocol or Bluetooth wireless options thanks to Casambi technology. This model also offers a permanent stand-by mode, providing minimal room lighting when combined with a motion sensor. The luminaire comes on when you need it, ensuring users feel safe while saving on energy costs.

A low-voltage version is available for bathroom lighting

Opt for the very low voltage (24 V) version of the Mondrian luminaire, specifically designed as ultra-safe bathroom lighting1. Just take a second to admire the elegant design of this model, while enjoying visual comfort and guaranteed compliance with safety standards. This luminaire comes in wall or ceiling versions, and can be mounted next to the bath or shower, even below 2.25 m.

Indoor/outdoor : a multi-purpose watertight luminaire 

Just like the full range of Sammode products, the Mondrian model is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The Mondrian housing is designed to keep its colours under UV radiation and can boast a leaktightness rating (IP 66, 68, 69K), guaranteeing a reliable long-lasting luminaire for any type of architectural structure. A designer luminaire 100% compatible with outdoor use.

A great design, long-lasting… and solid!

The Mondrian follows on in the Sammode tradition, combining great design with convenience and a solid finish. Thanks to its IK10 rating and tamper-proof attachment system and fixing straps with Torx screws, this luminaire is ideal for busy sites. Opt for a solid designer luminaire compatible with the most demanding environments.

A luminaire built to last 

Here at Sammode, we invest our industrial expertise in the design and manufacture of our designer luminaires. Just like all of our lighting solutions, the Mondrian is ageing well thanks to a combination of elegance, leaktightness, solidity and performance. Give your architectural project a boost with a quality luminaire designed to last.

Sammode expertise

Designed and manufactured in France

Designed and manufactured in France, keeping supply chains short and using durable components and materials, primarily sourced in Europe. Each luminaire is manufactured, assembled and inspected by our teams with full traceability.

5-year indoor-outdoor warranty

Architectural projects look to the long term, which is why Sammode commits to a 5-year warranty covering both indoor and outdoor use. Our pledge means a solid, durable and reliable product, regardless of location and climatic conditions.

Our products can be fully repaired or upgraded at your site

Unlike the disposable world we live in, Sammode lights are designed as modular systems. New technology can be integrated in existing fixtures: simply replace the outdated parts!

Wall light

260° task lighting

T (K)Flux (lm)L (mm)DesignationCodeWatt Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
2700 350 629 MONDRIAN 40 B2C 700 350-927 MR 80175021 5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
2700 500 994 MONDRIAN 40 B2C 1000 500-927 MR 80175022 10.5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
2700 900 1293 MONDRIAN 40 B2C 1300 900-927 MR 80175024 12 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

Wall light

Comfortable 180° flux

T (K)Flux (lm)L (mm)DesignationCodeWatt Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
3000 1000 994 MONDRIAN 40 1000 1000-930 80175034 10.5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
3000 1500 1256 MONDRIAN 40 1300 1500-930 80175030 16 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
4000 1000 994 MONDRIAN 40 1000 1000-940 80175035 10.5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
4000 1500 1256 MONDRIAN 40 1300 1500-940 80175031 16 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

Ceiling light fitting

Reinforced 180° flux

T (K)Flux (lm)L (mm)DesignationCodeWatt Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
3000 1500 994 MONDRIAN 40 1000 1500-930 80175036 13.5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
3000 2000 1256 MONDRIAN 40 1300 2000-930 80175032 19.5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
4000 1500 994 MONDRIAN 40 1000 1500-940 80175037 13.5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
4000 2000 1256 MONDRIAN 40 1300 2000-940 80175033 19.5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

End caps & fixing straps finish

End caps & straps painted Coal RAL7021 COAL


Coextruded polycarbonate/PMMA housing for Indoor/Outdoor use (650°) -
Polycarbonate housing (960°C) PO
End caps & fixing straps 304L stainless steel -
End caps & fixing straps 316L stainless steel MR

Fixing straps

Fixing straps with HSHC screw -
Fixing straps with tamper-resistant Torx screw BAVT
Fixing straps with HSHC screw for suspension BCV
Torx T screw straps/bracket for suspension BCVT

Color temperature

2700K 927
3000K 930
4000K 940

Lighting management

Electronic gear unit for DALI dimming RD
Electronic gear unit for push button RS
Switch-off warning function (for sensor/timer) RC
Permanent standby mode 10% function RCP
Casambi Bluetooth control RB

Electrical class

Class I CL1
Class II -


Very low voltage for use in bathrooms 24V

Technical specifications

Light source
  • 50 000 h L80/B10 at max. operating temperature
  • Photobiological hazard : None (RG0)
  • Special satin-finish housing for LED
  • Light mixing chamber
Lighting comfort
  • Controlled glare: UGR ≤25
Control gear
  • Constant current driver (non-dimmable)
Supply voltage
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz
Electrical class
  • Class II
Operating temperature
  • -20°C to +30°C

  • Task lighting version: supplied with a 1 m 3G1.5 cable with a tin-plated copper braid in a transparent sheath
  • With nickel-coated brass cable gland for cable Ø 5-10 mm
  • To a 2 x 2,5 mm² fixed terminal block
  • Installation in vertical position: cable gland positioned downwards
Opening and closing
  • By tightening the nut on the cable gland
  • 2 stainless steel fixing straps with HSHC screw (with variable centre distance)
LED engine maintenance
  • Task lighting version: Low energy LED strip lights, CRI > 90
  • Comfortable and reinforced flux versions: Easy-to-remove LED modules and driver

  • Coextruded polycarbonate/PMMA diameter 40 for indoor and outdoor use
End caps and fixing straps
  • Task lighting version: 304L stainless steel
  • Comfortable and reinforced flux versions: 316L stainless steel

  • IP66, IP68, IP69K
Resistance to IK shocks
  • IK10
Fire resistance
  • 650°C

Task lighting ULR = 17%
Comfortable and reinforced flux ULR = 11%

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