Our values

The spirit of Sammode combines the commitment of a human-scale company with the rigour of the specialist.


Sammode is first and foremost a humanist, independent, family-owned and operated industrial company. We have been cultivating this rare and precious legacy for four generations now and are very attached to it.

Quality and improvement

Our technological and industrial choices result from this state of mind. As always, we design and manufacture functional light fixtures and systems, recognised for their high standards in terms of performance and quality. We constantly work to improve them, by enhancing their design, selecting the best materials and integrating new technologies, after testing and approval by our research laboratory. Our end-to-end control over the entire production process, from design to manufacturing, enables us to guarantee the highest quality. Robustness, imperviousness, resistance, reliability and adaptability are the hallmarks of our lighting appliances and systems, and what underlies our reputation.


A guiding principle of our business: everything that is necessary, only what is necessary. It is the philosophy of Sammode that technology must be neither spectacular nor hidden. On the contrary, the challenge is to reconcile efficiency and simplicity. Less is more.


Honesty is at the heart of our approach. Listening to our customers and analysing their needs, conducting the research in order to recommend the best solutions, designing light fixtures, selecting materials and components, the quality of manufacturing and assembly: everything depends on a rigorous, technical, open, and in sum, honest approach to our customers’ challenges and expectations. Honesty underpins our respect for our customers, employees and suppliers.


A people-centred company, we place great value on personal commitment. Understanding needs, providing relevant solutions, making the right choices, manufacturing quality products: all of these values come into play in our commitment to our customers. We advise and guide them in defining the appropriate solutions for their requirements, while taking account of their technical constraints and making sure they stay within budget. Because we value the loyalty of our customers and our employees, we always strive to establish a relationship of trust and cooperation with them.

Respect for the environment

We have always, of course, had deep respect for the environment. In our view, the key principles of a virtuous environmental policy include the choice of our materials, the durability of our products, our eco-friendly packaging, and especially, the concentration of production close to our clients. By manufacturing high-performance and reliable lighting appliances and fixtures, we contribute to reducing maintenance costs and limit the number of units produced. We apply this same vision in the advice we provide to our customers. A relevant environmental approach begins by designing the best adapted project.