You can rely on our expertise in railway environments for lighting in transport infrastructures and multimodal interchanges. Sammode has supported the French companies RATP, SNCF and other major international firms in the rail segment with their lighting projects for stations, platforms, station buildings, and the like, for over 40 years. Our LED solutions are designed to look great, be functional and ensure safety both indoors and outdoors at transport infrastructures.

Railway station lighting:

provide homogeneous lighting from the waiting room to the platforms.

Regional or main line railway stations play a key role in passenger transport services. Lighting installed in urban transport infrastructures must meet one major requirement: provide enough homogeneous light to ensure safety, while resisting external factors such as bad weather or vandalism. Sammode luminaires can meet these expectations thanks to effective and sturdy lighting solutions. Architectural luminaires in the main station building await passengers and guide them towards the platform access tunnels. A satin-finish or transparent (wall- or ceiling-mounted) tubular luminaire can provide a diffuse halo to light up corridors, underpasses and platform shelters.

Metro stations:

effective lighting solutions offering visual comfort

Metro station lighting from the station entrance to the train carriage must help passengers forget that they are underground. By providing homogeneous, diffuse and comfortable lighting, users can feel safe in these underground spaces. Vandalism, dust and dirt protection are also important considerations. Sammode’s lighting solutions combine visual comfort with robustness and a designer finish. The luminous environment of a metro station platform is designed for users, but it must also avoid dazzling drivers. Tubular luminaires such as the Brueghel or Géricault models guarantee excellent visual comfort in sturdy, long-lasting and reliable ceiling-mounted models.

Illuminating coach stations and multimodal interchanges:

functional designer luminaires suitable for transport infrastructures

With the general development of public transport, stations have become multimodal interchanges for many passengers, connecting different transport modes (bus, coach, their own cars or shared cars, tramways and trains). Ensuring adequate lighting in these transport infrastructures is a prerequisite for smooth traffic, by day or night. Sammode’s designer luminaires are functional and offer a safe environment, guaranteeing visual comfort both inside and outside. These luminaires can withstand bad weather, UV radiation and vandalism, and are ideal for any outdoor area of transport infrastructures. Our lighting solutions meet the applicable legal requirements and avoid any type of light pollution (ULR = 0%), whether you opt for a tubular version or a floodlight on a mast.

Airport terminal lighting:

bathing passengers in user-friendly lighting

Passengers on outbound and inbound flights and those making connections all pass through the airport. The aim is to provide them with cosy comfortable lighting throughout their time in the airport. Lighting can be used to guide passengers between terminals. Sammode solutions light up spaces with the same design signature, ranging from the passenger lounge, to the main terminal building. The Paname collection includes decorative lighting options for relaxation areas such as duty-free shops or passenger lounges. A ceiling-mounted directional luminaire such as the Scorel provides functional lighting for corridors, check-in counters and baggage reclaims.

Luminaires able to withstand bad weather and vandalism are available for outdoor areas around transport infrastructures.

People pass through car parks, bike shelters and, more generally, outdoor areas around transport infrastructures. Installing effective and reliable lighting is essential to ensure that users feel their experience is positive. Car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians must be able to share this space in full peace of mind. The aim is to make sure that passengers can walk from the car park to the multimodal interchange in a safe, continuous and diffuse lighting environment. Tubular luminaires can even be transformed into directional signs thanks to the Mabuse and its custom film options. Sammode luminaires cover the full range from emergency lighting to architectural lighting, and can withstand bad weather, UVs, impacts and vandalism.

Ports and ferry terminals:

functional, designer lighting solutions able to resist the coastal environment

The lighting characteristics of ports and ferry terminals are similar to those of railway stations and airports: effective multipurpose lighting is mandatory. However, one additional major requirement applies, the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and the corrosive coastal air. Sammode lighting solutions offer sturdy and functional options that are ideal for ports.  Our tubular range can light up areas with high ceilings or smaller spaces. Marine-grade stainless steel (316L) is used to guarantee protection against sea spray. Sill series 48 or 153 mast floodlights are also treated to be corrosion-proof and withstand the coastal weather in the long term and are ideal for lighting on open air platforms.

Next stop... smart and durable lighting for transport infrastructures

Our lighting models now benefit from smart design and can handle current energy consumption and durability concerns. Smart lighting helps to streamline lighting in transport infrastructures, reduce energy bills and extend the service life of equipment. Various solutions are currently available to optimise lighting in stations and transport infrastructures:

  • The built-in presences detectors used in our luminaires are protected by the solid housing.
  • The Dali system can be used to control lighting remotely.
  • Tunable White technology can be used to modulate the color temperature over the course of the day.

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