CSR: Sammode, a committed family company

Our approach at Sammode is distinguished by its total opposition to disposability and programmed obsolescence, practices that are part of our DNA.
From the outset, and still today, in line with the french government recommendations, we have confirmed our choice to follow a sustainable and responsible path. We design our luminaires, whether architectural or industrial, using sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials. Our local production limits our carbon footprint, while our circular approach encourages repair and reuse.

Environmental responsibility

Circularity principles adopted throughout the company

At Sammode, we have integrated circularity principles to protect the environment.

We are actively committed to reducing our energy consumption by continually optimising our production facilities.

We are also taking steps to reduce the production of industrial waste, while promoting short supply chains and choosing environmentally-friendly materials and production techniques. In line with our commitment, we recycle and recover all our industrial waste, thereby helping to preserve natural resources. These essential principles are anchored in our vision and our day-to-day work, because we are convinced that adopting them is crucial to a sustainable future that respects the planet and future generations.

100% French production, made to order, in a short circuit

We are proud to offer 100% French manufacturing, using short distribution channels, to guarantee a responsible approach that respects the environment. Our production sites are close to our facilities, which limits excessive transport and reduces our carbon footprint.

We mainly manufacture to order, avoiding non-recyclable or perishable stock and helping to minimise waste. The materials and components we use are sourced exclusively from Europe, with the exception of certain electronic components, reinforcing our commitment to a local and sustainable approach. We also constantly strive to optimise our supply chains in close collaboration with our suppliers and subcontractors, with the aim of continually improving our environmental impact.

At Sammode, 100% French manufacturing in a short circuit is more than just a philosophy. It's our commitment to responsible production that respects resources and serves a sustainable future.

Consideration of the entire life cycle of the luminaire

Sammode luminaires are designed with their entire life cycle in mind. We favour the use of highly recyclable materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. Similarly, polycarbonate, which is used in a large proportion of our luminaire ranges, offers a very high recyclability rate.

To extend their lifespan, we carry out maintenance and refurbishment directly on site, replacing only the necessary parts. We also promote second life through partnerships with companies specialising in bringing our luminaires back into service. At the end of their life, our luminaires can be completely dismantled, allowing their components to be recycled.

In this way, we are working towards a responsible approach that respects the environment throughout the life cycle of our products.

Fair, sober and robust packaging that is more respectful of the environment

We strive to create packaging that is fair, sober and robust, and that shows our respect for the environment. With this in mind, we optimise dimensions to reduce unnecessary volume and minimise our environmental impact.

Cartons recyclés et recyclables

Our boxes are made exclusively from 100% recyclable or recycled materials, as part of a circular economy approach.

We also promote the reintroduction of packaging from supplier components into the packaging elements of our finished products, thus avoiding any waste. Another crucial measure we have taken is the total elimination of plastics from our packaging, in favour of environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Designed to withstand the hazards of transport and storage, our packaging is robust and can be reused several times. They also play a role in the reconditioning of dismantled products, with a view to putting them back into service or recycling them. For our most fragile products, such as borosilicate, we use custom-made wooden crates for optimum protection, in line with our eco-responsible values.

Virtuous eco-designed products

Our products are eco-designed as part of a virtuous circle, focusing on reliability, durability and wear resistance. Our aim is to reduce maintenance requirements and the number of units to be produced, thereby helping to preserve natural resources.

As proof of their durability, we offer high levels of warranty, up to 10 years on many luminaire models. Our products are designed as 100% modular systems that can be easily dismantled and repaired, without the need to return to the factory.

Finally, we are committed to supplying spare parts over several decades, ensuring that our products last and enabling our customers to prolong their use.

Energy optimisation of facilities

Bureau d'étude Sammode

We implement rigorous energy optimisation for all our installations. Thanks to our integrated Lighting Design Office, we offer advice and personalised support for every project.
Notre approche consiste à optimiser systématiquement le nombre de points lumineux et la puissance installée, tout en respectant scrupuleusement les niveaux d'éclairement exigés.

This enables us to guarantee maximum energy efficiency while maintaining the required lighting quality.

Sustainability as a leitmotiv

Our enclosures are designed for exceptional durability, thanks to their high sealing performance and the use of mechanically and chemically robust materials.
As for the electronic components, they are rigorously selected for their longevity and reliability in the face of electrical interference.

We are so confident in the quality of our lighting solutions that we offer a guarantee of up to 10 years, even in intensive use at maximum temperature.

Ecological and economical lighting: accurate lighting and on-board intelligence

Intelligence embarquée sur les luminaires avec détection de présence et régulation du flux

Our lighting is both ecological and economical, thanks to its accuracy and on-board intelligence.

To continually optimise the energy efficiency of our luminaires, we regularly update our LED sources. In addition, we optimise the optical performance of each range of luminaire by using the most appropriate devices and materials, such as lenses, high-efficiency diffusers and high-gloss aluminium reflectors.

For even more efficient management of energy consumption, we offer standalone or master-slave integrated presence detection options, available on most of our ranges. Our solutions also offer individual or zone, wired or wireless, control options to suit every need.

Our lighting solutions combine performance, respect for the environment and energy savings to meet today's sustainability requirements.

Social responsibility

Ethics: the key to responsible growth

RSE ethique Sammode

Sammode's success and growth are based as much on a solid business strategy as on an irrevocable commitment to ethics and integrity. We are absolutely convinced of this.

We are also certain that our responsibility is not limited solely to our profitability, but also extends to our employees, our customers and all our partners. This is why we are committed to respecting and ensuring respect for clear, universal and non-negotiable principles by every member of our organisation. This commitment reflects our desire to maintain a high level of transparency, accountability and fairness in all our activities and decisions, thereby creating a healthy working environment and a lasting relationship of trust with all our stakeholders. We believe that a solid business strategy is only as strong as its irrevocable commitment to ethics and integrity. We are absolutely convinced of this.

CSR labelling and carbon footprint

Sammode has embarked on a CSR labelling process and has drawn up a carbon footprint for all the company's activities, with the support of the BPI, demonstrating our ever-stronger commitment to the environment.

At the end of 2023, Sammode was awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal for the CSR approach it has been pursuing for several years. With this medal, Sammode is among the 3% of companies judged to be the most virtuous on the CSR criteria of this global standard.

This distinction illustrates Sammode's ongoing commitment to environmentally-friendly growth, responsible environmental management and irreproachable ethics.

About EcoVadis: EcoVadis offers a comprehensive assessment service for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). EcoVadis ratings cover a broad spectrum of non-financial management systems, including environmental, social & human rights, ethics and responsible purchasing. Each company is assessed on key issues according to its size, location and sector of activity. Further information: https://ecovadis.com/