Compact LED tubular luminaire for high temperatures, ø70, for confined industrial spaces

The Rankine luminaire is designed to light up small spaces dedicated to the most extreme industrial processes, bringing LED technology to the hardest-to-reach corners. This well-sealed, powerful and compact luminaire can withstand impacts, electrical disturbances and high temperatures up to 70°C.

The Rankine X-Heat luminaire can withstand the extreme conditions inherent in the very high temperatures found in confined industrial spaces.

Chemical and sealing conditions

Corrosive substances, acid vapours

Oils & hydrocarbons

Dust and humidity

Washing with a high-pressure jet

Health and safety requirements according to IFS, BRC and HACCP texts

Thermal, mechanical and electrical stresses

Permanent use at temperatures of up to 70°C

Repeated turning on and off

Heavy mechanical impacts

Intense and repetitive vibrations

Tried and tested extra-long life with intensive use at 70°C

The RANKINE is solid, compact and hermetically sealed thanks to its 3-seal system, reflecting Sammode’s expertise in high-temperature environments. The unique design of the internal head sink ensures a long life for the LED source, even when used 24/7 at 70°C.

Optimal heat management

The insulated internal electronics are specifically calibrated to limit heating for the LED modules. The supporting structure in extruded aluminium embraces the internal surface of the diffuser, optimising the dissipation of heat and protecting service life.

Ultimate sealing and long-lasting materials

The co-extruded PMMA and polycarbonate tubular housing is sealed by tightening the nut under the cable gland. With this technique, the gasket expands evenly, guaranteeing absolute sealing for any type of humidity (IP68, IP69K), even if temperatures vary significantly.

Suitable for food grade conditions

Its reinforced stainless steel end-caps and fixing straps, combined with its composite diffuser protected from corrosive substances by co-extruded PMMA, ensure exceptional resistance against the detergents used in a food environment, and the acid vapours, oils and solvents used in industry.

Resistant to impacts and vibrations

Equipment installed in narrow industrial spaces must be reliable and robust, which is why Sammode selected homogeneous materials with unfailing mechanical strength and no mating surfaces. The result: an ultra-durable, impact- and vibration-proof IK10 housing.

Applications of luminaires by the name Rankine X-Heat

  • Steelworks: lighting for the non-stop furnace, top-up lighting
  • Paper mills: machine lighting
  • Enamel works: lighting in confined spaces
  • Machine tools: task lighting

  • Thermal power station: task lighting

  • Cold meats industry: lighting around smoking units
  • Industrial fryers: lighting in cooking areas
  • Maltworks: lighting in drying areas

  • Subway station: smoke extraction duct lighting

Our services

Designed and manufactured in France

Designed and manufactured in France, keeping supply chains short and using durable components and materials, primarily sourced in Europe. Each luminaire is manufactured, assembled and inspected by our teams with full traceability.

5-year warranty, no matter how tough the conditions

Valid even for 24/7 use at the product’s maximum operating temperature, reflecting our unfailing commitment to our customers!

Our products can be fully repaired or upgraded at your site

Unlike the disposable world we live in, Sammode lights are designed as modular systems. New technology can be integrated in existing fixtures: simply replace the outdated parts!

Disconnectable quick-lock plug version

CRI80, 4000K

Flux (lm)L (mm)DesignationCodeWatt Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
1650 675 RAN70 12H840 POME PS3 SA 34040020 13 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
2475 960 RAN70 13H840 POME PS3 SA 34040040 19 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

Fixing straps

Reinforced fixing straps -
Reinforced fixing straps with HSHC screw BCV


Polycarbonate housing PO
Coextruded polycarbonate/ PMMA housing with high chemical resistance POME
End caps & fixing straps 304L stainless steel -
End caps & fixing straps 316L stainless steel MR

Color temperature

3000K 830
4000K 840
5000K 850

Lighting management

Electronic gear unit for DALI dimming RD
IP68 4-outlet junction box  (capacity Ø7-14mm) CP00674
Kits for APSAD compliance
2 x 20 cm  304L stainless steel extensions PU44277
2 x 5 cm  304L stainless steel extensions PU44278
1m HO7-RNF pre-wired high temperature cable 3G1,5²
Stripped free end CAB0076
Wieland® plug IP68/IP69K (capacity : Ø10-14mm) CAB0140
Wieland® plug and Y spliter for loop-in/out CAB0146

Technical specifications

Light source
  • High-efficiency removable LED module (CRI>80, 3 SDCM)
  • 50 000 h L80/B50 at max. operating temperature
  • Photobiological hazard : None (RG0)
  • Special satin-finish housing for LED
Lighting comfort
  • UGR ≤ 28
Heat management
  • Aluminium heat sink
Control gear
  • High reliability constant current output driver, mechanically and thermally reinforced.
  • Resistance to overload: 320 V AC, 48 h
  • Supports voltage spikes < 4 kV
  • Electronic compatible with central source
  • Compatible with neutral TN, TT and IT arrangements with no limitations
Supply voltage
  • 198-264V 0/50/60Hz
Electrical class
  • Class I
Operating temperature
  • -20°C to +70°C

  • With disconnectable plug Ø 8 to 10 mm cable (3 × 1,5 mm²)
  • Attachement with 2 bolt-fitted stainless steel straps with variable center distance and 360° orientation
LED engine maintenance
  • Easily removable LED modules and driver
  • Closing by tightening the nut on the cable gland

  • Special polycarbonate housing protected from UV, solvents, hydrocarbons and cleaning agents by a coextrusion of PMMA
End caps and fixing straps
  • 304L stainless steel
  • Peroxide-cured EPDM
Method of construction
  • One-piece housing with reinforced ingress protection by radial expansion of the seal

  • IP66, IP68, IP69K
Resistance to IK shocks
  • IK10
Fire resistance
  • 650°C
Vibration resistance
  • Meets the severe application requirements of standard EN 60598-1 (tested according to IEC 60068-2-6)

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