Pierre Guariche

Pierre Guariche x Sammode

Designer and interior architect Pierre Guariche (1926-1995) was one of the designers who produced the most light fittings in the 1950s - desk lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps, floor lamps, etc. - particularly with the Disderot firm. -particularly with the Disderot firm.

An avant-garde artist with a radical aesthetic, he was also a clever inventor, developing a host of ingenious devices - articulated arms, swivel pendulums, cantilevers, pivoting or tilting jibs, etc. - that make his creations joyfully singular. - all of which make his creations joyfully singular.

The luminaires designed by Pierre Guariche offer remarkable user comfort, characterised by the absence of any visible light source and a quality of light adapted to every need: whether for general or traffic lighting, a muted atmosphere or soft or powerful spot lighting, even diffused by reflection.

Sammode's decision to reissue some of these models is no mere coincidence. For many years now, our quest for aesthetics and technology has been reminiscent of that once advocated by Pierre Guariche. There are many similarities, and they have a special name: innovation.

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As a designer and manufacturer, Sammode has put its industrial expertise at the service of this collection, highlighting the precision of the lighting and its solid knowledge of metalwork in the manufacture of lighting fixtures. The Sammode models bearing Pierre Guariche's signature, faithful to the original design and incorporating contemporary technologies, benefit from the same exceptional quality of workmanship and French manufacturing know-how that characterise all Sammode brand lighting.

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