Michel Mortier

Michel Mortier x Sammode

Art director, graphic artist, interior architect and designer, Michel Mortier (1925-2015) was a man of many talents who consistently demonstrated a keen interest in and exceptional imagination for light.

His career, marked by groundbreaking achievements in design, interior architecture, art direction, graphic design and even teaching and journalism, is a testament to his versatility.

Among his most emblematic contributions are the luminaires he designed in the early 1950s for the lamp manufacturer Disderot, all named simply with a triumphant "M" - M1, M2, M3 and so on. Each of these luminaires, like the M4 suspension with its innovative single-source, triple-mode lighting principle - direct/indirect/reflected - helped to establish his solid reputation in the field of residential lighting.

Creating the M3 table lamp

In 1952, Michel Mortier designed the M3 table lamp, which was also available as a wall lamp. Its subtle design combines a two-tone lacquered metal shade with a finely curved brass tube base.

Sammode's decision to reissue this model is no accident. For many years, our aesthetic and technological research has mirrored that once pursued by Michel Mortier himself. This quest was also shared at the time by another designer, colleague and friend of Mortier, Pierre Guariche, whose extensive collection of lighting fixtures Sammode is already reissuing. The links between Michel Mortier and Sammode are many and have one name: innovation.

© Morgane Le Gall

For this reissue, Sammode is drawing on its industrial expertise in the manufacture of luminaires, placing particular emphasis on the quality of the lighting and its mastery of metalwork. Faithfully respecting the original design while incorporating contemporary technologies, the M3 lamp by Sammode benefits from exceptional design quality and French manufacturing.

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