Zone 1 Hazardous Area: new luminaires
that are even more resistant to extreme conditions

Luminaires for Zone 1 Hazardous Area, even more efficient and durable.

Sammode has revolutionised its Zone 1 Hazardous Area luminaires, making them more powerful, efficient and resistant. You'll benefit from reliable, long-lasting LED lighting at an optimum acquisition cost, while making substantial operating savings. This development improves energy efficiency, reducing power consumption. With Sammode, you get high-quality industrial lighting, ensuring safety in demanding environments.

Sabatier Xtrem

The Sabatier Xtrem luminaire is now avalaible for even more extreme applications.

Exceptional durability in intensive use at 50°C (NEW)

Certified class T5 Gas (NEW)

100% stainless steel and high-strength glass

Uncompromising chemical resistance

Resistant to continuous vibration

100 % removable and repairable

Available with multiple cable entry options, and even pre-wired on request, on explosive atmosphere plug-in cable


As practical and lightweight as ever, the new Alder is now more powerful and more durable, so you can light more effectively with fewer light points. Reduced investment and spectacular operating savings.

8-year warranty for 24/7 use at 35°C (NEW)

Even more versatile with T6 gas certification (NEW)

Lightweight and easy to install sliding board

Electrical connection option to avoid expensive and cumbersome explosive atmosphere junction boxes.