Pre-wiring solutions for industrial luminaires

Sammode offers pre-wiring solutions for luminaires that can withstand even the harshest environments, including ATEX, to provide long-lasting, safe lighting.

Our cabling solutions are also designed to make assembly easier and save on installation costs (patching, through-wiring, etc.).


Sammode’s practicality and robustness, right down to the cable entries

One need, one cable entry 

Sammode’s promise is to respond to all situations, even the most extreme. From standard open-ended cables to double gland solutions, from ATEX plugs to high-temperature cables, everything is possible.


Pre-wired, ready for action

Factory pre-wiring is available for an easy and complete installation experience: cable type and length, connectors, splicing, through-hole or not, and many other possibilities. Sammode helps you save time during installation.


Guaranteed watertightness  

Sammode pre-wired luminaires are your allies in building a powerful, high-performance lighting installation. To ensure a perfect seal on site, a quick tightening of the flanges is necessary to slightly crush the seal of the central screw. A simple visual check can be made to ensure that the seal has been compressed correctly. This check guarantees a long-lasting seal, and means you have a safe, reliable installation.


Tightening the flange is crucial to ensuring that your luminaire is perfectly sealed.


The cable gland

In addition to the polyamide cable glands available in several sizes, including our ATEX ranges, Sammode offers metal cable glands selected for their exceptional performance. Nickel-plated brass to combine impact resistance and aesthetic quality. 316L stainless steel for the most corrosive environments.

PS3 IP68/69k quick socket

The PS3 plug-in socket has been adapted by Sammode for greater robustness: its ring and base are made of nickel-plated brass, for unequalled mechanical strength and durability. What's more, its base is resinated to prevent any moisture penetrating. This makes it the only truly IP68 and IP69k PS3 socket on the market.

The Wieland cord

All Sammode luminaires can be pre-wired on request with a Wieland RST cord, to any desired length. Sammode supplies the male and female connectors, and also offers the Wieland plug with Y-distributor. This cost-effective solution allows the luminaire to be plugged in externally, without having to open it. A considerable time-saver.

Cable with Marechal ATEX connectors

The Marechal PNCX plug guarantees safe and rapid installation in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). This solution is suitable for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. In addition to the male part connected to the luminaire, Sammode supplies the female part to be connected to the mains.

X-Heat silicone cable

Standard, braided and high-temperature cables are available. X-Heat silicone cable withstands extreme heat. Non-flame propagating, it meets the stringent safety requirements of hostile environments. Sammode is your ally; you can order your X-Heat luminaires pre-wired.