Sammode, sponsor of the HAMO installation at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris)

Sammode is proud to announce its support as patron of HAMO, the new space at the Palais de Tokyo!

From 16 to 17 September 2023 saw the inauguration of the new venue dedicated to education, mediation and inclusion, where we are proud to have been able to exhibit Sammode luminaires from our architectural range in the HAMO installation designed and created by Freaks Architecture.

Thanks to the support of the Jonathan KS Choi Foundation, HAMO will encourage creation, reflection and sharing around artistic practices, with workshops and meeting spaces in its 700 m².

Designed by Freaks architecture, in collaboration with the Palais de Tokyo, HAMO aims to bring together a wide public, making this space a place of culture, education and well-being for all.

Freaks Architecture, a firm of three architects

Freaks Architecture is an architectural practice based in Paris, France.

Founded in 2007 by three architects: Guillaume Aubry, Cyril Gauthier and Yves Pasquet, Freaks Architecture is known for its innovative and experimental approach to architectural design.

The name 'Freaks' reflects the firm's unconventional approach to architecture. They have made a name for themselves by exploring bold ideas, pushing the boundaries of creativity and challenging traditional building conventions. Their work is often characterised by unusual concepts and unique architectural forms.

An unprecedented collaboration!

The collaboration between the Palais de Tokyo and Sammode was a natural step, as both share a commitment to innovation and creativity. Sammode has chosen to support the Palais de Tokyo by providing its expertise in lighting for exhibitions and exhibition spaces. This contribution will enable the Palais de Tokyo to showcase works of art to their best advantage, creating immersive visual environments that amplify the visitor experience.

In addition to their technical support, Sammode is committed to financially supporting the Palais de Tokyo in the realisation of innovative artistic projects. This collaboration will contribute to the continued growth of the Palais de Tokyo as a dynamic cultural centre, while providing Sammode with a unique platform to express its support for contemporary art.

Sammode's commitment to the Palais de Tokyo illustrates how cultural patronage can enrich the artistic landscape by providing cultural institutions with the means to realise ambitious projects. This alliance promises to stimulate artistic creativity while strengthening the Palais de Tokyo's position as a leading cultural centre in Paris. Thanks to Sammode's generosity and commitment, a bright light is now shining on the Paris art scene.