The Quadratube W2 wall light can illuminate luxury clothing brand showrooms, the interior design of a contemporary villa, the office of a start-up director, gourmet restaurants, luxury hotel lounges, meeting rooms in large firms, etc.

Quadratube W2 wall light with a reflector

The W2 wall light is elegant and compact and can light up contemporary architectural features. Jean-Michel Wilmotte has successfully and yet subtly combined a functional design with remarkable lighting performance to the benefit of Sammode. The mat aluminium reflector (available with 4 finishes) reveals a curved LED imitating a flame. The W2 by Wilmotte provides cosy mellow lighting, and is ideal for creating a friendly welcoming environment in any luxury indoor setting.

Architectural lighting

The Quadratube W2, with its black lacquered steel structure revealing the curved bulb, stands out with its contemporary lines. This model is fitted with a mat aluminium reflector, guaranteeing a cosy and intimate atmosphere. This compact wall light is ideal for hotel rooms, as well as any type of luxury interior design, whether private or public.

A compact, functional and designer model

The small W2 wall light can be fitted with an optional switch, ensuring this model is compatible with a range of uses, from a luxury hotel headboard to the busy corridors of a block of offices. This sleek compact design fits in with a range of architectural styles, offering an elegant and yet functional lighting solution.

1 wall light, 4 finishes

A unique lighting atmosphere. The W2 is compatible with any project thanks to the 4 colours available for finishes. Its mat aluminium reflector is available in silver, Champagne, copper and petrol versions. Each finish brings its own special touch, with customised lighting to match your preferred atmosphere.

Opt for performance, expertise and quality

Truly detailed workmanship The Quadratube W2 is the outcome of several years of development, nothing was left to chance. Every little detail was carefully considered in order to meet the requirements and values set down by Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Sammode. From design to production, this is true French excellence.

Quadratube by Wilmotte: when tubes turn rectangular!

Jean-Michel Wilmotte has totally transformed the iconic tubular luminaire by opting for a sleek and elegant rectangular shape. This contemporary design stands along side subtle vintage references, adding a classy timeless touch to the Quadratube collection. Sammode DNA is still clearly visible, but part of a totally new range of luminaires, where every little detail reflects detailed workmanship.

Sammode expertise

Designed and manufactured in France

Designed and manufactured in France, keeping supply chains short and using durable components and materials, primarily sourced in Europe. Each luminaire is manufactured, assembled and inspected by our teams with full traceability.

8-year warranty

Our products are designed to be upgraded along with your set-up, which means that they come with a 8-year warranty and guaranteed availability for the accessories you need, today and into the future.

Totally repairable in the long-term

Unlike the disposable world we live in, our designer lights are meant to last. We carefully select our luminaire components and commit to providing spare parts well into the future. The light source is also easy to replace.

Wall light

2700 K

ReflectorFlux (lm)L (mm)DesignationCodeWatt Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Silver 340 300 QT W-S RE S 300 SW 70300003 5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Copper 315 300 QT W-S RE CB 300 SW 70300004 5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Champagne 330 300 QT W-S RE CH 300 SW 70300005 5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all
Petrol 275 300 QT W-S RE P 300 SW 70300006 5 Data sheet Plan STEP DS .TXT Download all

Lighting management

Built-in ON/OFF lever SW
Without lever -

Technical specifications

  • Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Light source
  • 1 matt tubular LED lamp DAYLIGHTITALIA T30 E14 5W 2700K
Supply voltage
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz
Electrical class
  • Class I
Operating temperature
  • 0 °C to +35 °C
  • Reflector made of anodised aluminium

  • To 3x2.5mm² automatic terminal block
  • Built-in ON/OFF lever at the bottom of the luminaire
  • Wall-mounted gear tray attachment (screws not supplied)
  • Fit the light by loosening the 2 screws

  • Crystal quality PMMA with a rectangular section
End cap
  • Lacquered steel
Fixing structure
  • Lacquered steel

Fire resistance
  • 650°C
  • IP20 (indoor use)

Champagne, Copper, Silver

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