About Us

Sammode, technical lighting expert since 1927

Sammode is an independent family-owned enterprise specialised in technical industrial and architectural lighting. Sammode was founded in 1927 at Châtillon-sur-Saône, by a family from the Vosges region. The fourth generation of managers and employees is now driving the company, continuing the tradition of its strong character of rigorous and inventive workers. Sammode is the alliance of the quality of its people and its unique know-how at the service of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Durability and reliability are the guiding lights to our approach. Our commitment is translated by the requirement of relevance. We keenly focus the design of our lighting products on the essentials. Simple and efficient, functional and inventive, they combine the qualities of robustness, imperviousness, resistance… and adaptability, because we listen to our customers and focus all our energy on meeting their needs. We master the chain of expertise from end to end, from conception to fabrication, by way of the choice of components and the development of the production tools on our manufacturing site. This control of the industrial process enables us to ensure our exacting standards, unique and recognised in our business.

For twenty years now we have been constantly striving to improve our lighting products; applying our increasingly exacting standards in the choice of materials, ensuring continuous technological watch and enhancing product designs. Though not everything is visible to the naked eye, it all works together to deliver the quality of our lighting and ensure the durability of the stated features.

Our customers are our valued partners. We develop our innovations for them and often with them.
Whether they are industrial companies, engineering firms, architects or municipalities, our customers have widely varying requirements and expectations. We always endeavour to deliver what we consider to be the best technical and aesthetic solution for them, with a budget under control.