Sammode sponsors the Treedom installation at the Alberobello Light Festival

Sammode is proud to support the Alberobello Light Festival with the monumental work "Treedom".

A spectacular installation of wood and light

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Alberobello Light Festival with the spectacular "Treedom" installation designed by Atelier YokYok and illuminated by Sammode!

From 22 to 30 July 2023, the Alberobello Light Festival took place in the south of Italy, where we were proud to be able to exhibit Sammode luminaires from our architectural range in the magnificent "Treedom" designed and created by Atelier YokYok.

This exceptional event allowed us to share our passion for artistic lighting in an enchanting setting.

"It's a place for reunions or meetings, designed around a simple image - the forest. More than a sculpture, it's a monumental installation that can be walked through and felt from the inside. A network of pole-trees is randomly scattered on an orthogonal grid to create the sensation of a wild ensemble, while including different densities and transparencies depending on the point of view. Each tree is attached to its direct neighbours by its branches, accentuating the impression of being in the middle of a forest. - Atelier YokYok

The "Treedom" installation will remain on display until early 2024. Come and lose yourself in the heart of this luminous forest and let the magic of light fill you with wonder.

YokYok, a creative laboratory

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YokYok is a creative studio founded and run since 2015 by Samson LACOSTE and Luc PINSARD, architects. It now has four associates including Laure QAREMY, teacher, and Pauline LAZAREFF, engineer-architect. A hotbed of ideas that creates permanent or temporary site-specific installations offering an emotional and immersive experience. YokYok attaches great importance to the context and its sensitive approach. After studying the site, YokYok works on diversion, narrative and immersion to create the unexpected.