Horizontal suspension for diffuse lighting through 360°.

With its diffusing housing that illuminates through 360°, the Werefkin is the ideal suspended light for making a lit space look great. It emits a diffuse light for optimum lighting comfort, and its boosted flow version enables large areas to be lit without glare. With the vertical suspension kit, punctuate your space by playing with repetition or toy with different lengths for a candelabra effect. For design that really stands out, opt for the Belleville 360° range, equipped with a customisable perforated louvre. Various dimming modes available as an option, along with a variety of finishing accessories.


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2 x 14 W

WER133 214E G5 PO 113LN SA SUSP

685 mm

2 x 21 W

WER133 221E G5 PO 113LN SA SUSP

995 mm

2 x 28 W

WER133 228E G5 PO 113LN SA SUSP

1295 mm

2 x 35 W

WER133 235E G5 PO 113LN SA SUSP

1595 mm