Foucault 70

Combat LED tube light designed for lighting confined spaces subject to severe industrial stresses

Robust by design, can cope with being switched on and off repeatedly, easy to install and maintain, the Foucault also offers controlled, visual comfort appropriate to close user proximity in a small process zone. Top impermeability and durability as per IP68-IP69K. Materials offer high chemical and mechanical resistance as per IK10. Very highly reliable electronics with a very long service life.

Composite housing impervious to spatter from oil and cleaning agents, and highly shock-resistant. Maintenance by extraction of the internal plate on the opposite side to the cable entry. Repositioning and automatic reconnection of the plate when locking the light (patented CLOSE ‘N’ CONNECT mechanism). Special glare-free optics.

Significant energy and maintenance savings, with a useful lumen rating equivalent to or greater than fluorescent solutions, for half the power consumption. Presence detection and dimming available as options. ULTIMATE 8-YEAR WARRANTY, for intensive use at maximum temperature. Designed and manufactured in France, built to last, scalable and entirely repairable, it is the reference tube light for lighting all confined spaces.


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FOU70 13H840 POME 113LN SA



FOU70 14H840 POME 113LN SA



FOU70 15H840 POME 113LN SA