New alliance between Hoffmeister, Sill, SRM and Sammode

The Gagnez family, owner of the lighting manufacturer Sammode, has signed an agreement to acquire and continue the business of Hoffmeister, the product portfolio of SILL and the business of SRM. The transaction will be completed in the course of the next weeks. The Gagnez family is working together with Hoffmeister’s CEO and CFO, Oliver Hoffmeister and Jens Hanfland, who will stay as shareholders on board and will further develop the business.

The acquisition is comprised of the following:
• Hoffmeister (, a reference manufacturer of high quality architectural lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor
• Sill (, the specialist of high-performance floodlights for infrastructure, architecture and industry
• SRM (, a fast growing electronic company that designs and manufactures innovative quality electronic components integrated in the Hoffmeister and Sill fittings as well as in the products of third parties
• Sales Offices in Dubai, UK and USA

Since 2009, Hoffmeister-Sill has achieved a continuous growth and has heavily invested in new lighting solutions resulting in 100% LED programme with a native capacity for all types of lighting control systems.

Together, Sammode, Hoffmeister and Sill form a European leader in the area of high quality technical lighting. The combination of their renowned expertise and the complementarity of their product portfolio enable to address all types of infrastructure, architectural and industrial projects with high performance made-to-measure sustainable lighting solutions.

The two production units are based in Schalksmühle (Germany) and Châtillon-sur-Saône (France). Technical excellence and product development are driven by two state-of-the-art R&D centers in France and Germany. SRM will fuel the innovation of the Group in the area of LED engines and lighting control solutions. SRM will also benefit from the support of its new owners to expand its activities with third party clients.

Together, Sammode, Hoffmeister and Sill combine more than 250 years of lighting expertise, innovation and excellence as independent family-owned companies. They share the same client orientation and a strong commitment to deliver functional, high performance, honest and environmental friendly lighting solutions.

This alliance reflects the Gagnez Family investment policy promoting long term vision and supporting remarkable know-how, always in the respect of the singular DNA of each company. As such, this alliance opens a new chapter in their respective histories by creating a truly European Group with international footprint and enhanced investment capabilities, paving the way for their future development.

With the traditional family business Sammode we are happy to have found a partner with a homogeneous corporate culture. Together we can and will create the future. Not only do our two companies share the same technical standards but also there is a great personal base combined with equal entrepreneurial objectives. We are looking forward to our joint future.
Oliver Hoffmeister

We are proud to become the new reference shareholders of Hoffmeister and offer a new development basis for the Sill products. We will share what made the success of Sammode for the last 90 years: expertise and commitment to design and manufacture highest quality lighting solutions and sustainable development. We are also extremely happy to build a truly European leader in technical lighting.
Emmanuel Gagnez