Unique experience

Since its founding in 1927, Sammode has acquired unique knowledge and experience in light fixture design for all industrial sectors : steel, chemicals, agribusiness, energy, transport, building… Whatever the nature of the request, we design and manufacture luminaires and light fittings that are recognised for their high performance, notably in the most challenging conditions of use.
Thanks to our full control of the process, from design lighting to manufacturing, we are able to provide advice to our customers based on our deep knowledge and experience. We work with them to develop the most effective and efficient lighting strategy for their needs.
A Sammode light fixture is not a disposable consumer product. It is an investment for the long term.

Resistant and functional

For over 80 years now, Sammode has been designing and manufacturing functional luminaires and light fittings for railway stations, airports, inspection pits, tunnels, water treatment plants, car parks, port installations and ships.
All examples of places with intensive use in particularly polluted environments and requiring a high level of lighting quality and safety.
Designed to be resistant under just such conditions of use, our luminaires combine robustness, resistance and adaptability to every environment.
Sammode only utilises high quality materials that undergo a rigorous selection process enabling us to guarantee durability, functionality and safety.

Electric light made to measure

Sammode luminaires illuminate a wide range of public areas and facilities, including urban environments, sports or transport infrastructures, schools and universities, shopping centres, cultural facilities, public institutions and office buildings.
We design reliable, durable, integrated and adapted lighting solutions for any type of environment.
The housings of our luminaires possess the characteristics required by industrial environments, which also make them ideal for city conditions: resistance to pollution and intense use, robustness, imperviousness, etc.
Their tubular line, recognised for its simplicity, purity and timelessness, fits naturally into most types of architectural projects.