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Pasteur T8Clean rooms


Technology T8
Max. temp. 40 °C
Power 2 × 36 W and 2 × 58 W
Maintenance From above
Control Gear "Industry" rated


Maintenance outside of the production area
Plug&Play-installation by disconnectable Plug
Resists aggressive detergents
Easy cleaning
Durable and maintainable luminaire


Light source

2x T8 lamps, not included


Reflector in anodised aluminum

Control Gear

• Resistant electronic Control Gear , "Industry" rated (EEI A2)
• Resistance to voltage surges: 320 V AC, 1 h
• Supports voltage peaks < 4 kV

Power supply

220-240 V 50/60 Hz

Electrical class

Class I

Operating temperature

-20 °C to +40 °C


Disconnectable Plug Ø cable 8–10 mm (3 × 1,5 mm²)


• Embedding from the bottom into the ceiling
• Thickness of the ceiling: max. 150 mm
• Sealing of the luminaire by a silicone gasket in between the frame and the ceiling
• Plucking into the ceiling by iron angle sections in Stainless Steel and threaded rods

Method of Construction

• Casing in 2 parts enabling the maintenance from above
• Embedding by insertion from the bottom into the loadbearing ceiling
• Removable top cover with gear tray


Protective cover

• PMMA (compatible with cleaning agents)
• UV-resistant Polycarbonate

End caps, fixing straps, …

Stainless Steel 304L

Casing, top cover

• White coated steel sheet
• Embedding in sandwich panels without supplementary fire safety





• Bottom (clean room): IP66, IP68
• Top (maintenance): IP65

Shock resistance

• Protective cover in PMMA: IK09
• Protective cover in Polycarbonate: IK10

Fire resistance

• Protective cover in PMMA: 650° C
• Protective cover in Polycarbonate: 850 °C

Principal references

Versions with protective cover in PMMA (compatible with cleaning agents)
2x36WPAST 236I G13 ME PS3 R1277mmTechnical Data [zip]
2x58WPAST 258I G13 ME PS3 R1577mmTechnical Data [zip]
Versions with protective cover in Polycarbonate
2x36WPAST 236I G13 PO PS3 R1277mmTechnical Data [zip]
2x58WPAST 258I G13 PO PS3 R1577mmTechnical Data [zip]