Amenity lighting

Technical data

Light source 

• High-efficiency removable LED modules (165lm/W, IRC>80, 3 SDCM)
• 50 000 h L80/B10 at max. operating temperature


• Special satin-finish housing for LED
• Light mixing chamber

Light comfort 

Brightness management using a satin-finish housing

Photobiological hazard 

Group 0

Heat management 

Passive heat sink in aluminium

Control gear 

• ON-OFF version: constant current driver (non-dimmable)
• ON-10% version: standby mode 10% managed by external sensor

Rapid installation


• With nickel-coated brass cable gland for cable Ø 5 – 12 mm
• To a 2×2.5 mm² disconnectable terminal block for ON-OFF versions
• To a 3×2.5 mm² disconnectable terminal block for ON-10% versions
• Installation in vertical position: cable gland positioned downwards


• Closing by tightening the nut on the cable gland
• Housing with reinforced imperviousness by radial expansion of the sealing


2 stainless steel fixing straps with HSHC screw (with variable centre distance)

Easy maintenance 

LED engine maintenance

• Quick opening and closing with just one screw
• Maintenance without tampering with the cable by removal of the end cap without cable entry
• Patented system with automatic electrical connection/disconnection on closure
• Easily removable LED modules and driver

Materials and finishing


Co-extruded polycarbonate/PMMA for outdoor use

End caps, fixing straps, … 

304L stainless steel


Moulded EPDM gaskets

Technical data 

Power supply

220-240 V 50/60 Hz

Electrical class 

Class II

Operating temperature 

-25 °C to +35 °C


IP66, IP68 and IP69K

Shock resistance 


Main references





900 lm

CRANACH 900-830

715 mm

1500 lm

CRANACH 1500-830

715 mm

900 lm

CRANACH 900-840

715 mm

1500 lm

CRANACH 1500-840

715 mm

900 lm

CRANACH 900-830 MV10

715 mm

1500 lm

CRANACH 1500-830 MV10

715 mm

900 lm

CRANACH 900-840 MV10

715 mm

1500 lm

CRANACH 1500-840 MV10

715 mm