2015.04.22 / products


The new LED luminaire BOYLE 100 with high resilience and durability is perfectly suited for areas with difficult accessibility. We developed the BOYLE 100 range especially for ATEX 2 and 21, 22 zones with demanding environmental conditions.

The BOYLE 100 incorporates high efficiency LED modules (lm / W) that help to reduce the energy consumption for lighting. Insensitive to repeated switching on and off, they can provide light only when needed in low traffic areas. With its compact dimensions, BOYLE 100 can be integrated into confined spaces and easily oriented to the area where the light is needed.

These products are suitable for polluted and corrosive environments, resistant against aging through climatic influences and remaining perfectly sealed throughout their live time. Compliant with the standards IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-15 and IEC 60079-31, these products are characterized by their imperviousness (IP68), their resilience and reveal all their qualities in demanding environments.

The luminaires are equipped with either a borosilicate glass housing, enabling superior resistance to corrosive environments, or a specific composite housing for outdoor use. This consists of a polycarbonate tube, protected by a layer of coextruded methacrylate. This outer layer serves as a protective barrier against external UV rays, protecting the polycarbonate against yellowing related to solar radiation and thereby maintaining its mechanical properties over time.

Finally, SAMMODE acts on its commitment to quality and sustainability of its fixtures giving the range BOYLE 100 a five-year warranty.