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Lighting areas of intensive use in a durable, safe and comfortable way

Sammode luminaires are widely used in educational facilities (day nurseries, schools, universities, etc.) where they light entry halls, exercise yards, corridors, dining halls, toilets, etc.
Our appliances, particularly well adapted to these demanding environments in terms of robustness, durability and safety, can be equipped with low luminance optics providing a high level of visual comfort to lighting, thus extending the scope of their use to include functional classroom lighting.
Their imperviousness (IP68), resistance to high pressure cleaning (IP69K) and to detergents make them easy to clean, ideal for physical education classes and institutional kitchens, in full compliance with current sanitary standards.
We advise architects and engineering firms on the choice of products and the definition of solutions, on compliance with the standards governing their planned installations, on how to obtain the best lighting with the highest level of comfort for users as well as on how to reduce maintenance costs to a minimum.